About The Author

Dr. Joseph Gaeta Jr, a full-blood Italian (Sicilian third-generation) grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, where he worked in his parent’s restaurant. It was at Gaeta’s restaurant that Joseph Gaeta learned how to work hard, how to multi-task, how to work with his hands, and how to serve.

He was put to work cooking at the ripe old age of six years old. Dr. Gaeta recalls standing on a milk crate helping make garlic bread. Here he not only acquired excellent eye-hand coordination and multi-tasking, but also the value of hard work. Even after becoming a dentist and owning his own business, a return home to Omaha and to Gaeta’s meant Papa Gaeta would put the doctor to work filling water glasses and waiting tables.

During the 70s and 80s, Gaeta’s catered to large parties of 300 and 400 people. The whole family worked together to make these a success. This is where Dr. Gaeta first learned about serving and taking care of people. As he says, “LIFE IS ABOUT SERVICE.” Dr. Gaeta graduated from Creighton University, School of Dental Science, in Omaha. In 1989, he moved to Sarasota, Florida and opened his practice there. Through the years, he has logged over 1,500 hours in post-graduate dental implant education and has been placing dental implants for over 20 years.

In 2000, Dr. Gaeta achieved Board Certification status with the American Board of Oral Implantology/implant dentistry (ABOI/ID). Fewer than 500 dentists worldwide have achieved such status.Dr. Gaeta is trained in both surgical and restorative, which means he not only places the implants but restores them to function. There are very few dentists in the United States who do both.

Additionally, he is certified in IV conscious sedation. By definition parenteral conscious sedation means the patient responds to verbal stimulation but is amnesic, remembers very little or nothing at all about the procedure. The patient loses all track of time & the doctor can perform five times the amount of dental work. This is “absolute Heaven” for the patient and the doctor. Dr. Gaeta says the best sound a dentist can here is the patient SNORING!!! This process, as the doctors says, makes going to the dentist feel like a “day at the beach.” Because a day at the dentist should be like a day at the beach.

Dr. Gaeta has a relentless passion to serve and help others. One of his passions is to leave a legacy that lasts beyond his lifetime. For this reason, he has founded the WORLD DENTAL IMPLANT AWARENESS ORGANIZATION .The mission of this organization is to create awareness in the world about the benefits of dental implants for people who are suffering from tooth loss. (More about this foundation in Chapter 10, the conclusion.) As a devotee of health and fitness, Dr. Gaeta is also a tri-athlete and marathon runner. He and his son, Joey, run the Walt Disney World Half Marathon together on Saturday and then Dr. Gaeta runs a full Marathon on Sunday this event is called the Goofy Challenge because you are GOOFY if you do both races. The doctor’s belief is sound mind and sound body. The temple we have been given by our creator needs to be nurtured through diet and exercise to be of maximum efficiency to SERVE.